Roofology of the Carolinas Annual Maintenance Program:

Keeping your home safe and secure is a top priority. The Roofology annual maintenance program will ensure that you have peace of mind knowing the roof above your family's head has been inspected, certified by our professionals with documentation of all maintenance records in case it needs replacement or repairs at some point; down the road!

One of the essential aspects of maintaining a property is ensuring that building components are up-to-date with regular inspections and scheduled maintenance. This way, you can prevent costly repairs or replacements before it's too late!

Inspections help identify any problems before they get worst, which will save both money on expensive services and time spent waiting around for someone else to take care of them when your available resources may be better allocated elsewhere.

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Roof Tune-Up

Your exterior is the first thing people see when they approach your home. You should take care of it just as you would, if not more so than any other cherished parts of yourself, like a pet or family member's health.

You know that your home is the most significant investment you'll likely make in life. It should be well cared for to maintain its value, and we're here for all of those exterior needs!

Maintaining an attractive appearance on one's property can also help attract buyers looking specifically out for their next purchase opportunity, so don't waste time waiting until costly issues begin before coming to see us; call today.

Process of a Roof Tune-Up/Maintenance Plan:

One of the most common issues property managers and owners face is getting ahead of any damage or deterioration in building components before it becomes more costly. Roof problems can be expensive, which is why regular maintenance on your home's roofs (residential or commercial) will prolong their life span so if you don't have a plan to maintain them through inspections and scheduled appointments. We recommend changing this immediately!

  • Roof Records Include:

    • Roof Measurements, Photographs, and Videos
    • All Records of Repairs & Replacements
    • Annual Drone Inspection Reports. 
    • Manufacturer & Warranty Information.
    • Insurance Information and Reports
  • Personal Vault:

    Our team is here to help you keep your home in top shape! We have all of the information and records from our initial inspection throughout the lifetime. If anything happens on the exterior property during or after owning it, there will be no surprises. You can feel confident knowing we'll provide documentation for any future needs or records of previous repairs. This is an excellent tool for a realtor being able to share this information with potential buyers. A drone inspection can also be important when buying a new house (or even just getting estimates) that everything looks good upfront.

  • Roofology of the Carolinas Uses Drone Technology For Roof Inspections

    Drone Inspection Benefits:

    Roofology of the Carolinas takes pride in their ability to provide accurate information about your home's exterior. They are constantly using drone technology, which provides them with intelligence analytics for inspections that give you peace of mind as they help maintain a beautiful exterior at all times!

    Our meticulous inspections give you peace of mind. We keep your records and measurements locked away in the vault so they are never lost, damaged, or altered during any repair work done on roofs for insurance companies to use if needed later down the road.

  • Roofology of the Carolinas Checks Your Roof For Hail Damage

    Insurance Claim Assistance:

    Roofology of the Carolinas is always one step ahead of the competition, thanks to their innovative roofing processes. One technique includes using drones for inspections during storms so they can jump-start your insurance claim process when it comes time for you to file an application with Storm Coverage Insurance Services or request additional information from us by phone call!

Roofology Annual Tune-Up

Our Customers who sign up for our annual maintenance plan have tune-ups included. Here is what is included: 

  • Drone Inspection
  • Photo Documentation Entire Repair
  • 36 Month Warranty on Labor & Material
  • Re-nail loose Shingles & Flashing
  • Inspect Attic Ventilation
  • Seal and Paint Roof Vents
  • Seal Gaskets & Pipe Vents
  • Treat Rust, Prime, and Repaint with Industrial Enamel
  • Roof tune-ups costs will be deducted from a future new roof.