Roofing Company for Repairs & Replacements in Huntersville, NC

Roofology of the Carolinas is a local Huntersville, NC, roofing company. That means whether it's routine maintenance or an entirely new roof, we will offer the utmost quality and customer service. As fellow residents of Hunterville, we are all neighbors, so we come highly recommended and will make sure to offer each person high-quality durable products at a fair price.

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Roofing Contractors in Huntersville North Carolina

Whether it's a storm or regular maintenance, you should have your roof inspected not only to ensure the health of your roof but to help with future insurance claims too. We can make insurance claims a breeze after a storm or hail damage with proper documentation from our drone inspections. We do offer other standard roofing services such as:

  • Replacement
  • Repairs
  • Tear-Off

Call today for a free inspection no matter the circumstance, and Roofology of the Carolinas will help in Huntersville, NC, and the surrounding areas. Need to start an insurance claim? No problem, go ahead and fill out our insurance claims form here.

Roo0f with hail damage and chalk markings from inspection

Residential & Commercial Roofing Services in Huntersville, NC

Residential & Commercial Roofing Services in Huntersville, NC

Annual Maintenance Plan

Why go through the trouble of doing maintenance yourself when you can have Roofology do it for you? We offer a stress-free lifetime warranty and annual inspections, so your roof is guaranteed to be in tip-top shape. All records from these checks will get saved by us if anything needs replacing or repairs at some point down the line!



Before the next storm hits, make sure your roof is in tip-top shape with Roofology of The Carolinas - Huntersville NC. Our team will provide you with a list of necessary roof repairs and high-quality workmanship using premium materials that are guaranteed to fix any roof leak or avoid other problems from future weather events!



If your home has a damaged roof don't put it off any longer! Call Roofology at (704) 324-9055 to speak with one of our experts who can help you make an informed decision about what kind of materials will work best for us.

Homeowners are always looking for ways to make their homes more appealing, and if you're thinking about updating the roof because it's too old or damaged by storms then we can help! With expert general contractor services that assess your current condition as well as highly recommend new ones in mind; this type of renovation will not only increase resale values exponentially but also improve curb appeal.

Roofology of the Carolinas - Huntersville has been a trusted name in North Carolina for years, backed by industry-leading warranties. Our team is ready and waiting to answer your questions throughout the whole process about what works best in any situation - don't hesitate to reach out!


Removal of old roof replacement with new shingles of an apartment building

Commercial Roofing Contractors

Roofology of the Carolinas is a top-notch company that offers complete commercial services to help you with all your needs. We are experts at installing TPOs (thermoplastic polyolefin), Asphalt Shingles & Metal Roof Systems and can provide annual maintenance checkups to the surrounding areas as well!

Services We Offer:

  • Repairs
  • Replacements
  • New Roof Construction Installation
  • Roof Coatings

Types of Material

Types of Material

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingle roofs are the most popular in today's market, and they come at an affordable price with a simple installation process. These products also make for great energy-star rated options when looking into cost-effectiveness as well environmental responsibility.

Signs it is time to replace:

  • Over 20 years old
  • Shingles have signs of damage such as curling edges.
  • Missing shingles
  • Noticeable granule loss

Metal Roof

The durability and weight of metal roofs make them an excellent option for your home. They will outlast other types by far, which means you save money in the long run! Metal also helps keep our environment green since it's an Eco-friendly material that doesn't decay or break like older materials might do when they get too old. Instead, this type lasts much longer than newer alternatives, so even though we pay more initially at purchase time (due to their initial price), eventually devoting costs may become lower as well if used properly. Call us today for any metal roof repairs or metal roof replacements.

Replacement signs:

  • 40+ years old.
  • Signs of gouges, holes, punctures, or leaks
  • It is showing corrosion/rust, unsecured nails, or fasteners.
  • The finish is fading or peeling.


Roof tiles are an excellent investment as they can withstand strong winds and hail storms. They also provide beauty, durability thanks largely due to their ease at resisting fire which makes them a great choice for your home!

Replacement signs:

  • 50+ years
  • Dislodged or missing tiles
  • Vents and flashing showing corrosion


Slate is a beautiful, durable material that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Slate roofs are fire-resistant and waterproof as well! A properly installed roof will last at least 100 years with proper care; which means you'll never need to worry about replacing this amazing product again in your lifetime or those generations after yours either because it just doesn't wear out like other materials do when exposed constantly against nature's elements without protection.

Investing in a durable roof system that will last your lifetime may be worth the cost. If you want an excellent long-term investment, consider investing in slate tiles as they are made out of rocks and can help increase home value due to their durability; however, ensure extra support for heavy roofs since this type of surface weighs more than other types like tile or shingle variety available on the market today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is roof replacements covered by insurance?

A new roof may be covered by insurance. Three simple factors come into play with an insurance claim:

  1. Knowing Your Insurance Coverage
  2. Proper Documentation of Damage
  3. A reliable roofing contractor with experience with insurance claims

At Roofology of the Carolinas - Huntersville, we can make the process a lot smoother with our drone inspections. We have the experience and know-how to not only fix your roof but also help you work with your insurance company.

What should a roof replacement cost?

A number of variables can determine the total cost of replacing your roof. The biggest factors will be the material and the size of the home. Be careful of some "storm chasing" roofing contractors who will use an inferior product to cut costs on a job. Make sure you use a roofing company you can trust who has answered all your questions and educated you as the buyer on what's best for you and your family.

Will Insurance cover a repair of my roof?

Insurance may cover the cost depending on the extent of the damage. What may seem like a repair in one area could mean the entire roof needs replaced depending on the age, area, and previous work done on the roof. It's best to consult roofing professionals to ensure you make the best decision for yourself and your home.

Do you offer financing for repairs or replacements?

Yes, we have relationships with some of the industry's top lenders and can help you secure financing for your project. Don't hesitate on not being able to afford a project. We will work with you to find a solution that fits your needs.

How long will my roof last?

Most of the top brands suggest up to 30 years for their products to last. This can change due to storms or improper maintenance on a roof. After year 12-15 is when you should keep a close eye on your roof and consider the costs of repairs vs. replacement. Call us today and let us offer a free drone inspection to see how much life your roof has left.

What are signs I need a new roof?

You can start by looking inside your home for leaks. The best place to start is your attic. You can look for wet spots or areas that raise your concerns. If you feel brave, you can check your shingles or even your vents and covers to see how they hold up. However, the safest answer is to call the best roofing contractors of Roofology of the Carolinas. We can look at your maintenance record and specific problem areas to ensure your roofing needs are safely taken care of by roofing professionals.

When to repair vs replace a roof?

Several factors can determine whether you should repair your roof or replace it. One of the biggest reasons will be age. If your roof is over 12 years old, you should probably consider replacing it. If you have a newer roof, it will be determined by the amount of damage and previous workmanship. Call the best roofing contractors today, and we will work with you to ease any concerns.

Will you pressure wash my roof?

No, pressure washing a roof will damage your shingles. We can however offer a soft wash and other services to keep your roof in excellent shape. 

How do I know you are a reliable roofing contractor?

We don't simply rely on decades of combined experience or know how to get a job. We will work with you until every question has been patiently answered. If you need to see proof of how we come highly recommend we can provide that. We want to ensure we take care of all your roofing contractor needs. No matter the service area we will provide you proof that we are the best roofing cotrator here and the surrounding areas.

What is your service area?

Rooflogy of the Carolina's covers all of western North Carolina. This includes Huntersville, Mooresville, Hickory, and Winston-Salem. We also cover parts of South Carolina. Call us today for a free drone inspection!

Will you do a re-roof in Huntersville NC?

No, while other roofing contractors will do a re-roof to save on the cost and time of a project Roofology will not. A lot of things can go wrong with simply re-roofing an existing roof. Any general contractor that suggests this is looking for a quick buck, and not concerned with the life of your roof and planning on future roof repairs from leaks. Call us today for a no-obligation inspection for a roof installation or best roofing services in Huntersville, North Carolina. 

Who offers the best roofing services?

Well, whether it's a simple roof repair or a new roofing installation, we are local roofers in Huntersville, NC, you can count on. It's not just roofing installations either we can handle the whole process of gutter installation and repairs, vinyl siding, doors, windows, and of course, roof repairs. We don't limit this excellent service to simply Huntersville, NC; we cover all of the surrounding areas.

Do you offer a free estimate for storm damage?

We offer a free estimate no matter the circumstances. If you think you have recent storm damage, you should call immediately! Storm damage can be covered under your homeowners' insurance if caught in time and documented correctly.

What is a typical roof repair?

A roof repair can vary from a leak repair to renailing loose shingles. With our decades of combined experience, our team will ensure customer satisfaction with an excellent job every time.

Do all roofing companies offer financing?

We can't speak for other companies, but we try to make this process stress free which means we offer financing to our customers in Huntersville and the surrounding areas. Customer satisfaction is key to excellent service to achieve an excellent job. We want to take care of our customers and make this a memorable experience so we continue to be highly recommended. 

Roofing Company you can Trust

Roofing Company you can Trust

Roofology of the Carolinas - Huntersville

Roofology of the Carolinas - Huntersville

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